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Freebie! June Calendar

It's already the 2nd of June, so I'm a little late, but here is a desktop wallpaper with a June 2018 calendar available for download. I had a lot of fun making this!


I started this by playing around with the word June in my sketchbook. Normally I would sketch out more than just seven typography experiments, but I had gotten attached to some of the early ones (and had already started repeating myself) so I decided to ink them and move into illustrator.

Shape 10.png

I use Adobe Capture (this is not an ad) to vectorize my sketches and send them to Illustrator. The left image is the one I took in the app, and the right is the vectorized version with the image trace slide scale. Once I erase the extra stuff around the edges and send the sketches to Illustrator, I trace them with the pen tool and pick my favorite. 

In this case, I was really drawn to that simple little lowercase june. 

I recently acquired some vintage book binding fabric and paper (see more about that in my Simple Florals project, linked below) and decided to use this thickly woven fabric as a background. I altered the color just a bit to make it work with the yellow type.


Click below to download the image closest to your screen's resolution!

1422 x 800 px

2500 1406 px